Home Sprouting -give it a go


I love fresh sprouts. They are so crunchy and incredibly healthy. You can buy a greater range these days in supermarkets but growing your own is much cheaper and they taste better. I was delighted to discover a few months ago that they will keep fresh for at least a week if refrigerated in their jar.

I have a couple of special sprouting jars that I bought on Amazon that make draining the sprouts easier but, to be honest, you an use a normal jar or a sprouting bag.

You can sprout lentils, beans, peas and seeds. I like mung bean and chickpeas the best. They go really well in salads and stir fries. The smaller lentils and seeds sprout fastest and you will see small sprouts after the first day.

Take a handful of mung beans and place them in the jar. Cover with cold water and soak overnight. The next morning drain the water and rinse in more fresh water. Drain again and leave in a cool place. Rinse and drain daily until the sprouts are the length you want. Then place in the fridge until you want to use them.

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